Hello. Thanks for stopping by. You could have also found me elsewhere. Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Charles.Charles Beasley. Charles Aaron Beasley. You can see a picture of me here.

I am a PhD candidate at the LSE.London School of Economics and Political Science London School of Economics and Political Science in the department of Philosophy Philosophy Logic and Scientific Method.

I do philosophy.philosophy of science. philosophy of science and cognitive science. I work on non-human minds and how we can study them better.

I also organize C+R. Conjectures and Refutations.

Sometimes I give talks.present my work:
Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Sciences X - 3-4 May 2021
Philosophy and Methodology of Medicine - 1-3 June 2021
LSE Choice Group- 16 June 2021
The Society for Philosophy and Psychology- 28 June 2021
BSPS annual conference- 7-9 July 2021
ISHPSSB- July 13-20 2021
ESPP 2021 Leipzig- 30 August - 2 September 2021
European Philosophy of Science Association - 15-18 September 2021